Fur & Bone 18 Pack Dog Chew Toys


The Fur & Bone 18 Pack Dog Chew Toys is a curated set designed specifically for puppies and small dogs. These interactive toys, ranging from rope to squeaky varieties, provide hours of entertainment while promoting dental health. Made from durable, non-toxic materials, they cater to teething needs, alleviate boredom, and help in reducing stress. Perfect for ensuring a happy, engaged, and healthy pup!



The Fur & Bone 18 Pack Dog Chew Toys is a comprehensive set designed to cater to the needs of puppies and small dogs, especially during their teething phase. This set offers a diverse range of toys, including rope toys and squeaky toys, ensuring varied textures and sounds to keep your pup engaged and entertained. The emphasis on interactive play ensures that these toys not only provide entertainment but also contribute to the cognitive and motor development of dogs.

Key Features and Benefits:

  1. Interactive Play: The toys are designed to engage a dog’s natural instincts, promoting activities like chasing, fetching, and tugging.
  2. Dental Health: Regular chewing on these toys can help reduce plaque and tartar buildup, leading to healthier teeth and gums.
  3. Durability: Made from high-quality materials, these toys are designed to withstand aggressive chewers, ensuring longevity.
  4. Suitability: Specifically designed for small dogs, ensuring a safe and enjoyable chewing experience.
  5. Quality Assurance: Crafted with the utmost care using non-toxic materials, each toy undergoes rigorous quality checks.


  • Engaging Playtime: These toys offer hours of interactive fun, alleviating boredom and strengthening the bond between the pet and the owner.
  • Teething Relief: The textured surfaces soothe puppy gums, providing relief during the teething phase.
  • Stress and Anxiety Relief: These toys can serve as a comforting tool, reducing stress levels and preventing destructive behaviors.
  • Dental Care: Regular chewing helps in maintaining dental health by scraping away plaque and tartar.

Product Specifications:

  • Product Name: Fur & Bone 18 Pack Dog Chew Toys
  • Toy Quantity: 18 toys
  • Suitable For: Small dogs
  • Materials: Non-toxic and durable
  • Toy Types: Rope toys, squeaky accessories
  • Recommended Use: Engaging playtime, teething relief, stress and anxiety relief, dental care
  • Safety: Rigorously tested for quality and safety

Customer Feedback:

These toys have received overwhelmingly positive feedback. Customers appreciate the durability, variety, and the noticeable improvement in their dog’s dental health.


The Fur & Bone 18 Pack Dog Chew Toys offer an excellent blend of entertainment, health benefits, and value for money. They are a commendable investment for dog owners, especially those with small breeds or teething puppies. The toys not only ensure hours of fun but also contribute significantly to the overall well-being of the pet.

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