Ancrown Newthinking Dog Squeaky Toys (5 Pack)


The “Ancrown Newthinking Dog Squeaky Toys (5 Pack)” offers a pack of five plush toys designed for small to medium-sized dogs. These toys, ranging from cute rabbits to fierce lions, are made from high-quality, durable materials. They are stuffing-free, ensuring a mess-free playtime, and come equipped with two internal squeakers for added entertainment. Safe for pets and machine washable, they promise hours of fun and mental stimulation for your furry friend.



Are you in search of the perfect toy to keep your furry friend entertained for hours? The Ancrown Newthinking Dog Squeaky Toys (5 Pack) might be the answer. This set includes five squeaky toys, ranging from a cute rabbit to a fierce lion. Made from high-quality plush material, these toys are soft, durable, and designed to be safe for your pet. They come with two internal squeakers for added entertainment and are machine washable.

Key Features:

  1. Squeaky Fun: Each toy has two internal squeakers that stimulate your dog’s curiosity and combat anxiety, depression, and boredom.
  2. Machine Washable: Easy cleaning by simply tossing them into the washing machine.
  3. Supervised Play: While durable, these toys aren’t meant for heavy chewers. Supervised play is recommended.
  4. Customer Satisfaction: A dedicated customer service team is available for any queries or concerns.

Product Quality:

The toys are crafted with care using non-toxic, high-quality materials. The plush and cotton fabric are durable, ensuring longevity even with rough play. The double-layer reinforced fabric is teeth-friendly, minimizing risks like choking.


  • Fun and Entertainment: The primary purpose of these toys is to offer endless fun for your dog.
  • Mental Stimulation: The squeakers and varied animal designs captivate and engage your dog’s senses.
  • Anxiety and Boredom Relief: These toys can help soothe feelings of anxiety and boredom in dogs.
  • Interactive Play: They are ideal for interactive games like tug-of-war or fetch, fostering a closer bond between the pet and the owner.


  • Quantity: 5 toys
  • Toy Size: Approximately 23 inches
  • Material: Plush and cotton fabric
  • Recommended For: Small and medium-sized dogs
  • Chewing Recommendation: Not suitable for heavy chewers
  • Washing Instructions: Machine washable

Pros and Cons:

  • Pros:
    • Five toys for variety and extended playtime.
    • High-quality, non-toxic materials.
    • Stuffing-free design for cleanliness.
    • Long size for interactive play.
    • Machine washable.
  • Cons:
    • Not ideal for heavy chewers.
    • Requires supervised play.
    • May need timely replacement if damaged.


  • Are these toys suitable for large dogs? They are designed for small to medium-sized dogs.
  • Can I machine wash these toys? Yes, they are machine washable.
  • Are the squeakers protected by fabric? Yes, they are protected to prevent them from ripping out.

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