I recently stumbled upon a fantastic product that is sure to bring joy and excitement to both dogs and their owners alike. Allow me to introduce you to the “OVO the Egg Original,” a set of four delightful eggs that serve as the ultimate catch and fetch toy for mini and small dogs. These dog toys are not only squeaky and fun, but they also double as puppy teething toys, making them a must-have for every dog owner seeking to keep their furry friend entertained and happy.

Check out the OVO the Egg Original (set of 4 eggs), catch and fetch toy, ideal for mini and small dogs here.

Why Consider This Product?

When it comes to finding the perfect toy for your furry friend, OVO the Egg Original is a top choice. With its unique design and multiple benefits, this toy is worth considering for all dog owners. Don’t just take my word for it! Scientific research has shown that interactive toys can provide mental stimulation and help prevent behavioral issues in dogs. Moreover, OVO the Egg Original has received rave reviews from satisfied customers, praising its durability and entertainment value for their dogs.

Features and Benefits

Keeps Your Dog Engaged for Hours

One of the key features of OVO the Egg Original is its interactive nature. The egg-shaped design makes it easy for dogs to catch and fetch, providing hours of fun for both you and your furry friend. The squeaky toy inside the egg adds an extra element of excitement, keeping your dog engaged and entertained.

Ideal for Teething Puppies

Puppies go through a teething phase, and OVO the Egg Original is the perfect solution. The soft yet durable material of the toy provides relief for their sore gums while also satisfying their urge to chew. This not only saves your furniture and shoes from destruction but also promotes healthy dental development.

Compact Size for Mini and Small Dogs

OVO the Egg Original is specifically designed for mini and small dogs. Its compact size allows them to easily carry and play with the toy without feeling overwhelmed. Whether it’s a Chihuahua, Pomeranian, or Yorkshire Terrier, this toy is suitable for all breeds in the mini and small category.

Durable and Non-toxic

No need to worry about the safety of your furry friend. OVO the Egg Original is made from high-quality, non-toxic materials that are designed to withstand the rough play of dogs. The durability of this toy ensures that it will last, providing long-lasting entertainment and joy for your four-legged companion.

OVO the Egg Original (set of 4 eggs), catch and fetch toy, ideal for mini and small dogs

Learn more about the OVO the Egg Original (set of 4 eggs), catch and fetch toy, ideal for mini and small dogs here.

Product Quality

OVO the Egg Original prides itself on its superior quality. Made from durable materials and tested for safety, this toy meets the highest standards in the industry. It has also been quality-assured by independent testing agencies, ensuring that it is free from any harmful substances or choking hazards. With this toy, you can rest assured that your dog is playing with a safe and reliable product.

What It’s Used For

Mental Stimulation

OVO the Egg Original is not just a toy. It is a tool that helps provide mental stimulation for your dog. The interactive nature of the toy encourages problem-solving skills and keeps their minds engaged, preventing boredom and destructive behaviors.

Physical Exercise

Playing fetch with OVO the Egg Original is a great way to get your dog moving. Regular physical exercise is essential for a healthy lifestyle, and this toy helps make it fun and exciting. The catching and fetching action, combined with the squeaky toy inside, motivates your dog to run and fetch, promoting cardiovascular health.

Teething Relief

For teething puppies, chewing is a natural behavior. OVO the Egg Original serves as a teething toy, providing relief for their sore gums and helping them through this phase. The toy’s soft, yet durable, material is gentle on their teeth and gums, offering a safe and soothing chewing experience.

Bonding and Training

Playing with OVO the Egg Original strengthens the bond between you and your dog. It creates an opportunity for quality time together, enhancing your relationship. Additionally, you can use the toy during training sessions, using it as a reward for good behavior, and making training a positive experience for your dog.

OVO the Egg Original (set of 4 eggs), catch and fetch toy, ideal for mini and small dogs

Product Specifications

Specification Details
Toy Type Interactive Catch and Fetch Toy
Material Non-toxic and Durable
Size Compact for Mini and Small Dogs
Recommended Age Suitable for puppies and adult dogs
Quantity Set of 4 Eggs
Squeaky Toy Yes
Colors Available Blue, Pink, Yellow, Green

Who Needs This

If you have a mini or small dog, OVO the Egg Original is the perfect toy for you! Whether you’re a new puppy owner or have an adult dog with lots of energy, this toy is designed to meet their playtime needs. It’s also a great option for dog owners who want to provide mental stimulation, encourage physical exercise, or offer a teething solution for their puppies.

OVO the Egg Original (set of 4 eggs), catch and fetch toy, ideal for mini and small dogs

Pros and Cons


  • Interactive and engaging design
  • Provides mental stimulation and prevents boredom
  • Durability ensures long-lasting use
  • Safe and non-toxic materials
  • Great for teething puppies
  • Promotes bonding and training


  • Not suitable for large dogs
  • May require supervision during play


  1. Is OVO the Egg Original suitable for aggressive chewers? OVO the Egg Original is durable and designed to withstand rough play, but it may not be suitable for aggressive chewers. If your dog tends to destroy toys quickly, we recommend monitoring their playtime with this toy.

  2. Can I choose the color of the eggs? Yes, OVO the Egg Original is available in four different colors: blue, pink, yellow, and green. You can choose your preferred color when making a purchase.

  3. Is the squeaky toy inside replaceable? Unfortunately, the squeaky toy inside OVO the Egg Original is not replaceable. However, the toy itself remains functional even if the squeaker is no longer working.

OVO the Egg Original (set of 4 eggs), catch and fetch toy, ideal for mini and small dogs

What Customers Are Saying

Customers have been raving about OVO the Egg Original! They love how it keeps their dogs entertained and engaged for hours on end. Many customers have praised its durability, stating that even their most aggressive chewers couldn’t destroy it. The soft material has also received compliments for being gentle on their puppies’ teething gums.

Overall Value

OVO the Egg Original is a fantastic value for money. With its multiple features and benefits, this toy provides both mental and physical stimulation for your dog. Its durability ensures long-lasting use, saving you from constantly buying replacements. The positive customer feedback further solidifies its value as a reliable and entertaining toy for your furry friend.

OVO the Egg Original (set of 4 eggs), catch and fetch toy, ideal for mini and small dogs

Tips and Tricks For Best Results

  1. Use the toy as a reward during training sessions to reinforce positive behavior.
  2. Supervise your dog’s playtime to ensure they don’t swallow any parts.
  3. Clean the toy regularly to maintain hygiene and safety.
  4. Rotate the eggs to keep the playtime fresh and exciting for your dog.

Final Thoughts

Product Summary

OVO the Egg Original is a catch and fetch toy designed for mini and small dogs. With its interactive design, durable material, and engaging squeaky toy, it provides hours of entertainment for your furry friend. It promotes mental stimulation, physical exercise, teething relief, and bonding between you and your dog.

Final Recommendation

If you’re looking for a fun and durable toy for your mini or small dog, OVO the Egg Original is a must-have. Its innovative design and various benefits make it an excellent choice for mental and physical stimulation. Enjoy quality playtime and strengthen your bond with your furry friend with this top-notch toy.

See the OVO the Egg Original (set of 4 eggs), catch and fetch toy, ideal for mini and small dogs in detail.

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